I Keep Grinding My Teeth During The Day


“I keep grinding my teeth during the day that’s why I have a tight jaw or sore facial muscles in the morning. Is this normal?” No, teeth grinding isn’t normal. In fact, it can destroy your teeth enamel, resulting in teeth sensitivity. What is teeth grinding? Medically known as bruxism, teeth grinding is common in… Read more

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How Does Teeth Whitening Work?


Americans spend billions of dollars for teeth whitening products and services. At Dentistry Redondo Beach office, tooth whitening is a common cosmetic service. In a pharmacy, tooth whitening products become increasingly popular. How does teeth whitening work? Whiteners contain bleaching chemicals that tackle the tooth enamel. They initiate a chemical reaction that breaks the staining… Read more

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Why Does My Dental Bridge Keep Falling Off?


Recently, one of our patients asked: “Why does my dental bridge keep falling off?” We answered that there could be plenty of reasons it falls off. Dental bridges are bonded to support your teeth underneath. However, they may fall out from time to time. But what should you do when they fall out? The first… Read more

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What Are The Best Cures For Chronic Bad Breath?


Bad breath or halitosis can be embarrassing.. Though not a medical emergency, it can cause distress. To determine the best cures for chronic bad breath, you will need to figure out its cause. For example, if it is a side effect of particular medicine, you could ask your prescribing physician to change your medication. On the other… Read more

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My Tooth Cracked After A Root Canal


Some patients of Michael Z. Hopkins ask him why their tooth cracked after a root canal. If it happens to you, you may be suffering from a cracked tooth syndrome. Often, the fracture in the tooth is too small to spot. Even in dental x-rays, it is easy to miss a small crack. It is… Read more

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What are Some Common Mistakes for Brushing Your Teeth?


To maintain a healthy smile, you need to have an oral health care regime. Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth. 1. You’re brushing at the wrong time. You shouldn’t brush immediately after eating, as it can damage your teeth. This is especially true if you ate… Read more

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Does Tooth Decay Cause Bad Breath?


Bacteria found in our teeth and gums can cause bad breath. Bacteria in the mouth harbors in areas where tooth brushing can’t eliminate them. You’re more likely to suffer from halitosis if you’re suffering from tooth decay. Tooth Decay and Bad Breath When your tooth decays, it can lead to accumulation of dental plaque and… Read more

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How Long Will Porcelain Veneers Last?


The short answer is that it can last a long time, as long as they’re properly done. Porcelain veneers are like cars. Your automobile can last depending on the type of vehicle you purchased and how well you maintained it. Apart from that, you also have to consider the miles you’ve driven every year and… Read more

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Can Flossing Help a Toothache?


Can flossing treat a toothache? You may wonder. Yes, flossing can help a toothache. But it’s only temporary. It means that it won’t cure the pain. This is especially true if the pain is the result of food lodging in your tooth. It can exacerbate the pain caused by cavities or worsen gingivitis. It’s vital… Read more

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How Do I know If Dental Veneers are Appropriate for Me?


Dental veneers are becoming more and more popular dental treatment option. But not all patients are ideal candidates. Nevertheless, a significant percentage of patients are suitable for this treatment. But what are dental veneers? They’re made of porcelain. Dental veneers are custom-fabricated to match your natural teeth. Your dentist will stick them to the surface… Read more

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Are My Teeth Healthy?


You don’t have to worry about your teeth’s health if you follow excellent oral hygiene. Even if you have a dental bridge, your overall dental health will be in good condition as long as you brush and floss every day and undergo a professional dental cleaning once or twice a year. However, as an adult,… Read more

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Do Apples Yellow Teeth?


There’s a growing concern among patients who are too conscious about their teeth and they are wondering whether or not it’s true that apples could yellow your teeth. Unfortunately, the answer to the question “do apples yellow teeth” is yes. But it’s not only apple that could yellow your teeth. Other healthy foods could cause… Read more

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Having jaw pain and discomfort?


At some point, we experience stiffness in our jaw. In America, it is reported that there are 10 million Americans who are suffering from jaw stiffness and jaw problems. Good thing is that jaw pain and discomfort can go away without taking some medicines. However, jaw pain can also be a symptom of a serious… Read more

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Can Flossing Prevent Heart Disease?


Can flossing prevent heart disease? It’s not scientifically proven yet whether or not taking care of your oral health can prevent cardiovascular diseases. More research is required to fully understand the connection between heart disease and overall oral health. However, there are data gathered indicating that chronic gum disease may contribute heart disease development, which… Read more

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My Tooth Hurts Really Bad


Toothaches are never fun. It can be scary, especially if you don’t know what is causing the pain or soreness. The pain can be described as soreness or ache around or inside a tooth. It also becomes sensitive to temperature and the pain tends to worsen when chewing or biting. If you are saying “My… Read more

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Do Teeth Turn Yellow As You Age?


Tooth discoloration and “Do Teeth Turn Yellow As You Age?” is one of the most common patient concerns/questions that we hear each day. There are a number of reasons why your teeth may begin to turn yellow; the aging process is one of them. As you begin to get older, your tooth enamel will begin… Read more

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Why Do My Gums Hurt When I Brush?


People often ask “Why do my gums hurt when I brush? Pain in the gums is one of the most common complaints we hear from patients when they come in. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. It’s unfortunate that so many patients choose to ignore pain in their… Read more

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My Tooth Broke off, but Doesn’t Hurt


If your tooth broke off, it is a serious dental problem, whether or not it hurts. The lack of pain implies that you have only a minor break; however, even these sorts of tooth injury can leave ragged edges that can cut your tongue, and may cause issues with your bite. Should you leave the break… Read more

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My Tooth Pain Will Not Go Away


Pain in the tooth is a very common dental problem that may be related to a number of causes. Most toothaches are caused by tooth decay. This happens when plaque builds up on the surfaces of the teeth, providing a rich breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria will feed on the food particles left behind… Read more

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My Tooth Feels Loose


Having a loose tooth is an uncomfortable sensation, particularly when you’re brushing your teeth or eating. This sensation may often occur in the morning, and then gradually lessen during the day. By evening, the tooth may feel completely normal again. When this occurs you may be tempted to ignore the problem, but it is important… Read more

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