Bleaching Instructions for 35% Solution

• Brush and floss your teeth before and after each application.
• Apply a small amount of bleach to the facial side of your trays.
• Wipe away any excess solution that is on the gum line.
• If there is a large amount of excess, use less bleaching solution at the next application.
• Bleach everyday for 2 weeks (14 days), for 30 minutes once a day.
• Rinse trays with cold water (so that they do not distort.)
• Rinse mouth with warm water after application (the dental tubules in your teeth are opened during the bleaching process and rinsing with cold water may cause sensitivity).
• Use toothpaste that is specially formulated for sensitivity. Example: Sensodyne, Crest sensitivity, Fluoridex. (We have samples available in the office upon request.)